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Bringing people back together, safely.

Meeting the Staff

Businesses must create a multi-faceted COVID-19 plan to adapt to this ever-changing situation in a way that supports the entire organization. We offer a full-service plan, including tailored training tools for customer-facing staff to aid in the development of awareness-level courses. These tools provide health & safety guidance to those who interact directly with others.

Doctor Teaching on Seminar

Studies show that COVID-19 will walk through your doors more than once, forcing you to shutdown & scramble to decontaminate. BiOS offers a full-service COVID-19 Self Sufficiency Program that certifies you to create your own qualified rapid-response teams. This approach alters industry standards by providing the option to store equipment & chemicals on site, as well as an in-depth preparedness plan. 

  • Classification III Hazmat Coveralls

  • N-95 Respiratory Masks

  • Goggles / Full Face Shields

  • COVID-19 Combatting Chemicals

  • Decontamination Equipment

  • Nitrile Gloves

  • Chemical-resistant Boots


BiOS offers a full-service remediation & preparedness plan for businesses of all sizes. We adhere to all OSHA regulations & follow the most innovative research while supplying your facility with proper labor force, materials & equipment in the time frame the facility requires decontamination mobilization. With our unique retention plan, you are guaranteed to have what you need, when you need it. 

  • PPE / Chemical Waste Disposal

  • Disinfectant Light Technology

  • HVAC Applications

  • Electrostatic Spraying Systems

  • HOCI Technology

  • Industrial Hygienists 

  • Nationwide Resources

  • Additional Tools/Resources Available

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